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About Us

With unmatched technical expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and regulatory knowledge, the team at Aspen Co-Pak provides quality contract manufacturing for companies of all sizes.

Aspen Co-Pak specializes in the contract manufacturing of nutritional products including powders, liquids, and capsules in bottles, jars, packets and stand up bags.

Aspen Co-Pak is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and all state and federal regulations.

As Aspen Co-Pak grows, we will do our best to service any client and assist them in their various needs. Problem solving is what we do best and we look forward to challenges some other companies might turn away from.

Call: 801.899.6153

Our Mission:

Provide fast, quality co-packing services that help your business succeed!
Your success = Our success.

The Things We Do

  • Blending and filling for powder products.
  • Assembly work and kitting.
  • Fulfillment services of liquids.
  • Freight and shipping services.


  • We will bottle capsules.
  • We offer blending services.
  • We have product liability insurance.
  • We solve problems.

Management Team

Dale Curtis

Dale Curtis


Dale Curtis was born in 1961 to a hard working dairy farmer and his wife. He grew up in West Mountain Utah just South of Payson where he was educated in the public school system. As a son of a farmer he was taught the principles of hard work. He was up early milking cows before school and back to work shortly after getting off the bus. He enjoyed seeing the fruits of his labor be it milk in the fridge or hay stacked in the barn.

He never tired of seeing his efforts rewarded in some way. Sometimes it was monetarily and sometimes just seeing the beginning buds of green popping through the brown soil in springtime. He knew and understood the law of the harvest. This theme has continued throughout his life in all aspects. He served a full time mission in the London South Mission for the LDS Church in 1979 to 1982. Upon returning home he went to Utah State College in Logan Utah where he took classes in Agricultural Economics.

He returned home to marry and start his family. He successfully raised four children Cassidy, Ari, Hayden and Ethan with his wife Andrea and they now live in Salem Utah where they have remained for the past 19 years. He worked for several years in the shipping industry as well as farming. He then went into Sales and has never stopped since. He found his passion in the Natural Foods Industry as a Sales Representative for a finished product and he helped build their sales force before leaving to sale for a company in San Diego California.

While working in the industry for many years Dale became a consultant for a company who asked him to help bring in customers for their fulfillment operations. He saw a need for the smaller business that wasn’t being serviced due to their lack of volume and size. So Aspen Co-Pak was created and 7 years later is still continuing to grow and prosper. Dale is a man of integrity and kindness. He is generous and demanding. He expects the kind of work he himself does everyday and nothing less will do.

He treats clients like close friends and family and will bend over backward to help assist them in their efforts to be successful. He always does his best in everything he does and most people who know him will attest to his hard work ethic and honesty. Aspen Co-Pak is the prime example of his hard work and integrity and a true reflection of him as a man.

Ethan Curtis

Ethan Curtis

Sales Director

Ethan Curtis is the second son of Dale and Andrea Curtis. Ethan is the youngest of their four children. Ethan was a stellar student in High School and graduated with honors. Ethan was involved in many activities while attending high school. He played on The Sky Hawks baseball team his sophomore year. He was in the Sky Hawks Singers and he played tennis as well being on the swim team.

After graduating he served a full time mission for the LDS Church. He held many high positions while serving in Montana. His last being Assistant to the president before his release. Ethan attended UVU shortly after coming home and now is in the process of enrolling in LDS Business College.

Ethan has been involved with Aspen Co-Pak from the beginning and continues to work here today. He has seen it’s growth from the kitchen table to now and he is invested in it emotionally as well physically. Ethan wants to continue to improve Aspen Co-pak and assist in it’s growth. He has big plan for this company in his future and is planning on following in his father’s foot step’s.

Ethan has a bright future ahead and knowing he has already assisted in building a successful business that continues to grow is exciting for him. He will continue to grow in knowledge and experience working side by side with his family. His scholastic knowledge he will continue to gain will help advance the business even further in the future.

Our Philosophy

Aspen Co-Pak has been in business since 2009 and shows no signs of slowing down. With our dedicated employees and our great management team we will continue to grow and prosper for many years to come. We are continually making improvements to our facility and keeping up with the standards being set by the State of Utah and United States Government for this industry.

We have some of the best employees in the state working for us.

Our belief in serving our clients and making them a priority regardless of how large or small their runs may be is what separates us from the rest of the co-packer’s in the state. We have a loyalty to our customers and they become like family to us. We feel this service along with being competitive in price will keep us in the industry for years to come.

Our clients are not just a number to us and we will service them as such. Being a debt free company and a family owned business allows us more freedom to work with everyone regardless of their size and status. We want to help the small business owner as well as the larger ones in any way we can. That is why Aspen Co-Pak has remained successful and will continue to be.

We believe in the power of relationships and loyalty to our customers and employees.

Our History

Aspen Co-Pak started doing business back in 2009 at our family kitchen table.

What started as a small favor for a struggling new company needing just a few hundred bags is now a successful debt free company growing remarkably fast in a competitive market. We help the small start up companies as well as the more established ones by not having a number of required runs. We believe in helping all business’ succeed. Our quality is that of the larger competitors as we strive to compete with the standards being set in the industry.

We believe in establishing long term loyal relationships and treating our clients like family. We are constantly improving our state of the art facility and our employees are the best in the state. Most having been with us for many years. We plan to be in business for a very long time and with our new location being easy to access from all areas of the state we know we will continue to grow and thrive.

We provide a quality product in a timely way at a fair and competitive price. We help everyone looking for a co-packer no matter how large or small.